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 on: July 22, 2021, 09:41:29 AM 
Started by timatoe - Last post by timatoe

 on: July 06, 2021, 12:26:06 AM 
Started by timatoe - Last post by Mase58
 :cheers: :cheers:

 on: July 05, 2021, 09:25:58 AM 
Started by timatoe - Last post by timatoe
Anyone have any interest in a Hobart Handler 135?  The new Handler 140 goes for between $540 and $580 depending on retailer.  The 135 I have has been sitting on the welding cart since I got it.  I think I used it once or twice for a couple plug welds in sheet metal, probably doesn't even have an hour or run time on it.  I just never use it, I just use the 220 Lincoln.

Anyhow, if anyone is interested I'll make you a buddy deal at $350.  Otherwise I'm gonna put it on marketplace and craigslist for $400.

 on: June 28, 2021, 10:47:08 AM 
Started by timatoe - Last post by timatoe
It's a bit early still but just a reminder the Rambler trip is Sept 10-12.  That's the weekend after Labor Day (it's always the weekend after Labor Day).

Several of us will be going up on Wednesday the 8th per usual.  We'll be camping at Wentworth Springs Campground, barring any unforeseen circumstances like last year when it was all on fire.... 

If anyone is interested that hasn't been there before let me know and I'll post directions or whatever is needed.

There are only a few "rules" for this trip.
#1 This is a mens trip so no women.
#2 No boys under 15.
#3 Have fun.

 on: June 13, 2021, 03:19:04 PM 
Started by timatoe - Last post by RockWoRM
After literally marathoning from one end of slc airport to the other and then back again, phew, I was able to make it home Saturday evening (all in one day) - had like 5 min to spare at gate and bags came home next day but was better than spending night somewhere.

Iím putting together a compilation of the videos.  I wonít include any pics in it, can share those separately.

I went over Jeep on Friday as if it had to do rubicon the next day and I think it could do it, could use new rear shocks as one is blown, need to try different cb mic (electret vs dynamic is a thing I guess and could be the issue).  I donít fully trust the tcase is healthy but it finished out the week.  Will definitely grab a Johnny joint assembly tool - thanks for the help that day.

Assessment of the new build:
LJ wheelbase vs TJ was all the improvement I hoped it would be - was able to do Mickeys hot tub, cowboy hill, and the way it handled hells gate I feel was partly due to extra length
4.0 - awesome as always, yeah not great on highway but...
6 speed - awesome on highway for mileage (17mpg!) and made the long hill climbs better than auto, not as tricky as I thought it might be off-road, but still not sold on it over auto as just found it hard to be gentle in the washboards or like when backing off a failed climb (escalator), but Iíd hardly call myself experienced with it
Suspension - Long arm is awesome on and off-road, Iím a believer - no wheelhop on escalator!
Dana 300 - worked but super clunky and popped out of 2low on decel constantly until I strapped the shifter down.  That was free and effective fix but I just have this feeling the output shaft gears are worn causing excess lash - needs an atlas :)
37s - loved em vs 35s, 35s just seem small now hehe
Hydro assist - despite some moistness on fittings worked great, relief knowing all that force not just put on steering box
Front arb - worked flawless, hardly ran compressor, that poor compressor though when refilling tires - like 30yrs old and way overworked but hung in there
Rear Detroit - solid no complaints
A/c - game changer even with doors off
Bestop trail cover - Iíve really become a fan of this thing for obscuring the inside at night and protection against potential midnight rain
Storage - needed tool bag more accessible, was using it multiple times daily and was a bit buried when stowed away

Overall was good bonding experience to a Jeep I donít have long history with.

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And the Dana 35 held up quite well, too, I may add.  :biggrin:

 on: June 09, 2021, 05:56:39 PM 
Started by Mase58 - Last post by CJ-5 Renegade
Awesome video Will.

 on: June 06, 2021, 10:47:54 AM 
Started by Mase58 - Last post by Varnish

 on: June 05, 2021, 11:42:19 AM 
Started by Mase58 - Last post by timatoe
Should be less drama next time I have to mess with a Johnny joint on the trail

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Found this basic little set up on Barnes the other night while looking at link stuff....  If I keep collecting parts for the swap, I'll likely get one of these too.

 on: June 05, 2021, 07:44:54 AM 
Started by Mase58 - Last post by RockWoRM
Yep, not much to that trail, but that spot freaked me out.  :dunno:
Probably not as much as Dave was!  :biggrin: He is scared to death of heights!  :hahaha:

Next time we'll get ya out a little further... and we'll have ya stand on the hood for effect!  :thumbsup: 

 on: June 05, 2021, 07:39:53 AM 
Started by Mase58 - Last post by RockWoRM
Must be a trailer thing... I had to put new tires on the trailer in Cove fort b/c a couple were starting to separate.  :thumbsdown:
Then when I got home I found the wires to the trailer brakes were disconnected, so no brakes! Both sides! This is the 2nd time this has happened. ??? Then the pass side fender on the trailer was just hanging on by a thread!  :eek: All the welds had cracked and it was just dangling on there. Good  thing it did'nt come off on the highway!  :eek: THAT would have been interesting.
Probably not as bad in Nevada city, but I got home to 100* plus!  :barf: Don't feel like working on the Jeep in that crap! We'll see.  :peep:

Other than youtube, need to figure out how to post video... I know we all have some.

Other than 50 mph winds the first couple days and 10 gallons of rain water in my tent... it was a great week!  :flipoff:
Pushed the Jeep a bit more than usual, and I'll have to see what is up with the front. For those not there I lost power to the pass. side front wheel trying to get up the gatekeeper on Cliffhanger and we're all pretty sure the unit bearing is toast and not sure about the axle shaft?
Kinda wanted to do Pickle again, but theres' always next time. But a least I got to have a day off and relax with the AC on riding with Dave on TOW. :thumbsup:
Thanks to Dan and Brett for sharing their trailer and we all had good times chit-chatting around the campfire!  :cheers:

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